Sequence of a Rescue. Drama in Five Acts (May be Disturbing)

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Sequence of a Rescue. Drama in Five Acts (May be Disturbing)

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On a Rescue Video, only half the actions are recorded, other actions happen behind the scenes.

This post explains the different steps needed to stage a Rescue video,

Stages needed to create a Rescue Video

Act I: "Getting the Main Character" (Off the record)
The Main Character will be either picked up on the street, or, more usually, get on loan from a meat market or a slaughter house.

Act II: “Happy End” ((Recorded) Although this is the last scene of the sequence, it is the first recorded, that will be corrected when editing the sequence,
Main character is bathed, pampered, nourished, let play, sleep on a cozy bed. These are the only moments of happiness pet will have in all his life

Act III: “Ordeal” (Off the record)
Depending on the script of the day, pet ordeal starts: Pet is ridden on site, then its preparation goes trough injuries, drugs, poisoning, painting them, bathed in mousetrap glue, soaked in dirty water, you name it. The rescuer leaves the pet in an isolated place, usually drugged, so he cannot go too far nor to be too “alive” - this will ruin the rescue -

Act IV “Rescue” (Recorded)
The rescuer “finds the pet”. He shows it to the camera for the viewers to see in what bad shape the pet is (Sometimes for puppies it is specially hearth breaking, they wag their tail, happy because they recognise the person who had feed them not so long ago). Pet is put on a carrier and brought to a fake vet who does not know how to palpate the pet, they look their eyes, their ears, their gums

Finally, Act V: “Unhappy end”.
Pets are then either dropped on the street (still painted, soaked, injured, no more treatment for them), or returned to the meat market to be eaten
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